Reading Better Together

Do you wish you could stop spending hours each day arguing with your child to turn off their tablet and go practice their reading?

Teach your kids how to read, while helping them fall in love with reading at the same time.

Your child will be reading books alongside you in just 2 weeks!

Reading really is better when you do it together!
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To all the busy homeschool moms...

Who are passionate about raising kids who love to read, but are still hearing "Ugh, do we HAVE to?" whenever it's time for a reading lesson...
I have a question for you:

What's the difference between a lifelong learner, who is on a first-name basis with the librarian and regularly stays up late at night to read books under the covers with a flashlight...

... and someone who graduates from school, never to open another book again?

If you guessed...

They are a naturally good student, who loves spending hours memorizing big stacks of sight word flashcards... you'd be wrong.​

You need to spend hours every day teaching your child to become a strong reader... wrong again.​

You need a Master's Degree in education and 30 years of classroom experience to successfully teach your child to read... nope. (Thankfully.)​

The truth is this: having the perfect student, and spending hours every day teaching them how to be a strong reader, is NOT the recipe for raising a child who loves reading. (In fact, it can be just the opposite.) Even having a teaching degree does NOT guarantee success.

Here's what you need to know about raising a strong reader who actually likes books, even if you don't have a teaching degree.​

The thing is, asking kids to memorize a bunch of sight word flashcards just isn't enough.

And, those boring readers with no plot might be teaching kids how to read, but they definitely aren't teaching kids to love reading.

In fact, by the time kids have seen a word enough times to remember it (which can take up to 500 repetitions) they are often so frustrated that they hate reading... if they're even still paying attention at all.

But, there is a better way to teach kids how to read and inspire them to love reading for a lifetime at the same time...

Reading Better Together

Raise a Lifelong Reader who reads under the covers with a flashlight in just 15 minutes per day​

Everything you need to teach your child to read using a proven system that’s backed by science, so your kids read easier and faster- with less work for you, and more fun for them.

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"The Confidence in Homeschooling"
IT IS A SUCCESS!!! He truly gets it! I’ve tried 4 curriculums now. The previous one to this one worked well, but he didn’t love it. But your curriculum is perfect! The simplicity of the pages keeps him from being overwhelmed. I can’t thank you enough for this curriculum. It’s given him AND me the confidence in homeschooling.

- Audrey

Hi, I'm Sarah...

 I’m a teacher with a degree in education and over a decade of experience teaching kids from preschool through high school. I spent years in a mixed-age elementary classroom, helping kids learn how to read in ways that were inspiring and fun.

I’m also a homeschool mom who is right there in the trenches with you.

I tried teaching my son how to read using one of the most common homeschool reading programs. He cried. Daily.

Then, I applied what I knew from my teaching experience to create a system that made reading fun for him.

Today he reads consistently two grade levels ahead for his age. He regularly begs for extra reading time. And when he doesn’t get enough time to read, it makes him sad.


As Seen In...


"The Reading Program That I Enjoy The Most"
Teaching my 5th kiddo to read - I've taught all the others with different reading programs, and already, this is the reading program that I enjoy the most. My son loves it as well. Thank you!

- Kelly

After learning to read with Reading Better Together, your child will...

Easily read 50% of all the syllables in the English language (and sound out new words they haven't seen before)

Gain confidence in their reading abilities as they can read faster and more accurately... all by themselves

Enjoy spending time with you during their homeschool reading lessons​

Beg to do homeschool on weekends because they love the exciting and engaging hands-on activities that make learning fun

Enjoy reading so much that they start reading under the covers at night with a flashlight​

And, you can do all of this in just 15 minutes or less per day (which makes this program perfect for busy families.)

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Everything Included in Reading Better Together

Everything you need to confidently teach your child to read... finally.

32 Weeks of Scripted Lessons (a $196 Value)
 + 29 Bonus Lesson Videos (a $60 Value)

Do you ever wish someone would just tell you what to do to teach your child to read? The process can be so complicated... and what about all those words that don't follow the rules?!?

These open-and-go, scripted lessons will tell you exactly what you need to do to teach your child, step by step. Just open to the lesson and read out loud to your child.

Plus, tips for success are included right in the lessons. It's like having a reading teacher right there to make sure your child is doing everything right!

And, if you still need help pronouncing the letter sounds, just scan the QR code to find one of 29 video lessons that you can watch with your child.

Each lesson can be completed in 15 minutes or less- which makes them perfect for active kids with short attention spans. And, each lesson ends with a fun hands-on activity that can be completed with common household supplies!


"Very Easy to Use!"
I loved how detailed this lesson is. It is very easy to use and the instructions are perfect!

- Christine

60 Side by Side Reading Stories (a $120 Value)

Are you sick of trying to get your child excited for those boring readers that have no plot and don't make any sense (when you'd rather cook dinner with a toddler underfoot than listen to your child read them again yourself)?

What if you could enjoy spending time reading together with your child instead?

These side by side stories are designed for you and your child to read together. The left side pages are for you. They include exciting details that make the plot interesting. And the right side pages are for your child. They include only words that your child has been practicing in the lessons- which makes them perfect for building confidence and getting your child excited about reading!

Your child will love reading these stories alongside you!
"He Is So Proud to Read!"
I really like how you designed the books so the child can start helping to read the book even when they know just a few sounds! He is so proud to “read” the book he made. He has read it multiple times —to me, his dad, brother, friend, and grandma.

- Trisha

Get Reading Better Today for Just $376 $147!

32 weeks of open-and-go lesson plans (a $196 value)

29 bonus lesson videos for pronouncing the sounds (a $60 value)

60 engaging side by side reading books (a $120 value)

Hands on activity ideas

Bonus walkthroughs and tips

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"Highly Recommended"
by a Brain-Based Learning Expert
The Reading Better Curriculum includes EVERYTHING we need to help our kids learn to read. The step-by-step lessons are intuitive and super easy to follow and having access to the original reading books is a priceless bonus. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to teach reading skills using evidence-based methods. And more importantly, simply wishes to enjoy watching their kids LOVE to read.

-Dr. Estie Alessandrini, physician,

brain-based learning expert, and mom of two

The value of the curriculum alone is $376, but since I want to make sure your child is a confident reader who loves books, I'm adding in $151 of amazing bonuses, completely free:

Bonus #1: Sight Word Success System (A $27 value)

Phonics is great... but what do you do when you come to the words that don't follow the rules?

This comprehensive system will tell you exactly HOW to teach sight words– in a way that makes kids actually focus and pay attention (even if they refuse to sit at a desk).

And, you can complete this program in 15 minutes or less per day– which makes it perfect for busy families. Many of the activities are great for younger siblings, so you don’t have to worry about what they are doing while you’re teaching reading.

"Love Seeing Him Have Lightbulb Moments!"
I was using a different curriculum for reading and my six-year-old son just wasn’t getting it. There was too much extra “stuff” that was distracting him. The Sight Word Success Kit makes it so much simpler. He’s able to focus on just learning the sounds and then the words. Love seeing him have lightbulb moments!

- Pamela

Bonus #2: Blueprint to Blending (A $27 value)

Does your child sound out all the letters, only to say a completely different word? "C...A...T...Turtle!"

Or maybe they know all their letter sounds, but they just don't "get it" when it comes to blending.

Often, this is because we are missing critical steps when teaching our kids how to blend sounds.

It's not your fault... most parents (and most teachers!!) are never taught these extra steps that kids need in order to blend sounds to make words.

The Blueprint to Blending takes these steps and turns them into a fun game that you can play with your child in just a few minutes per day.

Just read the cards to your child as you play the game, and they will be learning all the skills they need to blend!

Plus, activities like these have been shown in scientific research to be extremely beneficial to kids with Dyslexia, suspected Dyslexia, or a family history of Dyslexia.

"He's Getting It!"
We have been using your Blueprint to Blending resource for about a week now and it's just fantastic - I truly appreciate it. In the beginning I thought, "No way is this going to work," but I printed out the board games and the cards, modeled how to do it - and it's going super well. He's getting it!

- Kelly

Bonus #3: Join the Reading Better Together Community (A $97 value)

Are you looking for a place to ask all your questions about teaching reading in your homeschool? An opportunity to connect with other homeschool parents who are right there in the trenches with you? The Reading Better Together community is the perfect place to get connected.

You’ll get lifetime access to the Reading Better Together community. Plus, you’ll get direct access to me to ask any questions you have as you teach your child to read with confidence.

"Personalized Support is Invaluable"
Unlike most curriculums you can buy online, Sarah is dedicated to supporting you in your homeschool efforts and truly helping you teach your kids to read - that kind of personalized support is absolutely invaluable since every child (and teacher) is different!

- Lindsey

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The Homeschool with Confidence Guarantee

I’m so passionate about making sure that you raise kids who love reading, that I want to make sure you find the perfect resources for your family.

That’s why I’m offering the Homeschool with Confidence Guarantee.

Take 30 days to try out Reading Better Together. If you don’t love it, simply e-mail me for a full refund.

After Reading Better Together, Your Child Will:

Thanks to Reading Better Together...

32 weeks of open-and-go lesson plans (a $196 value)

29 bonus lesson videos for pronouncing the sounds (a $60 value)

60 engaging side by side reading books (a $120 value)

Hands on activity ideas

Bonus walkthroughs and tips

... a $376 value, plus 3 huge bonuses...

Sight Word Success System (a $27 value)

Blueprint to Blending (a $27 value)

Access to Reading Better Together Community (a $97 value)

... When you add it up, that is a total value of $527...

But, because I’m so committed to making sure that everyone can get these amazing results, you can get the Reading Better Together System for just…


(or 4 payments of $41)

Save $50 for the next...

"The Best System to Teach Children How to Read"
Reading Better Together truly was the catalyst to my successful homeschooling journey! This program is so simple and easy to follow and has shown FANTASTIC results for my child!! I can't recommend this enough, it has to be the best system to teach children how to read that I have found so far!!

- Jennifer

Questions Smart Parents Ask About Reading Better Together
  • We've tried learning to read before and my child was so bored. What makes this different?
    Many reading systems focus on reading boring readers, memorizing lists of words, using worksheets and flashcards, and that can be boring for kids. But this system is based on side by side reading books and fun hands-on activities that allow kids to practice reading in a fun and engaging way. And, science shows that kids who are having fun, who are interested in what they are learning, and who are engaged in activities learn better and remember more- so this is a win-win.
  • What grade is this for? And how do I know if my child is ready for this?
    Reading Better Together is designed for kids who are ready to start formal reading lessons, but haven’t started reading yet. For most kids, they will be ready to start reading sometime between ages 3 and 7. If your child knows the names of the letters of the alphabet, points out letters on signs or in books, and is excited to learn to read, they are ready to begin. If your child knows some of the letter sounds, this is a bonus.
  • My child hates worksheets. Will they like this?
    My kids hate worksheets too. That’s why these lessons are designed to teach reading using engaging side by side readers and hands-on activities and games, not worksheets.
  • We are really busy. Will we have time for this?
    Absolutely. Teaching reading actually works best when you keep lessons short. All the lessons are designed so that you can complete them in just 15 minutes per day (and often even less). Plus, almost all the lesson planning is done for you, and most of these activities don’t require prep time.
  • Will I get access to everything right away?
    No. You will receive the first 4 weeks of lessons, all the bonuses, and access to the community group as soon as you join the program. After that, a new 4-week set of lessons will be released by e-mail each month.
  • Will I get anything in the mail?
    Nope. Reading Better Together is a digital product, which means you will get instant access to everything you need to get started. All the curriculum resources will be delivered by e-mail and will be available in the curriculum hub online as well.
  • What if I don't love it?
    This resource comes with a 30-day, 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Simply e-mail me for a full refund.

Save $50 for the next...

I'm so excited to help you raise livelong learners who love
reading- and you can join Reading Better Together for

(or 4 payments of $41)

Complete 32 week Reading Better Together System ($196 value)

29 bonus lesson videos for pronouncing the sounds (a $60 value)

60 Engaging Side by Side Reading Stories ($60 value)

Scripted lesson plans, activity ideas, and templates

Sight Word Success System ($27 value)

Blueprint to Blending ($27 value)

Reading Better Together Community Access- Lifetime ($97 value)

Pay in full bonus: Planets and Counting Coins Activity Packs ($15 value)

"So Much More Confident to Teach Your Child to Read"
You'll feel so much more confident to teach your child to read thanks to Reading Better Together!

– Lisa, Elementary school teacher and mom of 3

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Remember the difference between raising a lifelong learner, and someone who graduates from school, never to open a book again?

Teaching your child to read is about so much more than just recognizing the words on the page.

 Your child needs to come out the other side of learning to read with a passion for books and reading, fueled by a positive experience with the process of learning how to read.

 And you are uniquely qualified to plant this lifelong love of learning in your child, in a way that no other person on Earth can.

So let’s work together to make the experience of learning to read one that changes the rest of your child’s life.

I can’t wait to see you in the community group and say hello!

 See you soon,


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Everything you need to teach pre-reading skills in a way that makes kids actually focus and pay attention (even if they refuse to sit at a desk).

This bundle includes 6 print and go activities that kids love!

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